$75 gift card from United Healthcare

If you use United Healthcare at work you can get $75 worth of gift cards for yourself and $75 for your spouse on myuhc.com.

Go to the Health & Wellness page, then take the health assessment (designed by the University of Michigan).  Upon completion of the health assessment $75 of health dollars will show up in your account.  You will then receive an email with the details on how to redeem the health dollars for real dollars from places such as Amazon.com, American Airlines, and Pottery Barn.

Note:  for your spouse to take the health assessment he or she will need to create their own myuhc account.  Also kids over 13 can register as well.

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  1. My experience with United Healthcare is that "free" visits to doctors are not free so I see this card as a way of paying back some of my personal expenses but not all.

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